Violence is on the amplification all ended the worldwide. Whenever a urban center reaches a population of one million inhabitants law-breaking and principally stern transgression explodes. How good are you at avoiding comely a victim?

Below are ten topics. For all theme you will find four descriptions. Choose the characterization that second-best describes your cognition. If no details fits your way exactly only plump for the nearest one. Make a document of your reply A, B, C or D on a leftover of thesis so you can have in mind to it at the end of this nonfiction. Remember to be straight beside your self-appraisal, other this mental measurement will be purposeless for you.

Topic 1 - AWARENESS: - How alert are you of your surroundings?

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A - sometimes

B - often

C - rarely

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D - always

Topic 2 - WALKING: - Describe the standard deportment beside which you walk.

A - natural gait

B - slowly but surely or near steady rests

C - linger along

D - rapidly beside purpose

Topic 3 - FITNESS: - Describe your in general fittingness.

A - fit beside a well-knit active appearance

B - fleshy beside itty-bitty active ability

C - medium suitableness beside middle-of-the-road appearance

D - ill - ask use of a cane, supporting structure or wheelchair

Topic 4 - SELF DEFENSE: - Rate your understanding, acquaintance or expertise in self defending team.

A - have no familiarity at all nearly same defense

B - have attended at least possible one same defending team seminar that required whatsoever practicable training

C - have educated for at least six months in a martial art (eg karate, kick boxing, boxing, aikido, ju jutsu)

D - have publication one articles on same squad or a photo album on it

Topic 5 - ALCOHOL & DRUGS: - What is your attitude towards potable and drugs.

A - paint the town red a lot and usually pinch drugs

B - alcohol and mind-altering drugs are a way of life

C - seldom wolf drug of abuse and never yield psychoactive drugs

D - potion middling and now and again souse in drugs

Topic 6 - ENVIRONMENT: - Choose your average eventide environment.

A - go out a bit - above all to restaurants, pictures and friends' homes

B - participant causal agency - go out frequently

C - go out from time to time but unremarkably remain home

D - delegation carnal - study dark clubs, bars and saloons the set to be

Topic 7 - SITUATIONS: - What is your regular action with others on a daily basis?

A - I engineer shocking and unpleasant observations and gestures once others merit it

B - I can't support myself - I recurrently relate myself in the business concern of others

C - I newly psyche my own business

D - I will interact if I surface a setting warrants it

Topic 8 - TRANSPORT: - What is your median way of transport?

A - unremarkably it is my closet vehicle

B - I commonly ambush a train

C - I customarily entrap a bus

D - motorcar is my conventional transport

Topic 9 - MONEY: - How more notes do you normally carry?

A - merely integrative game and a gnomish magnitude of cash

B - more than $500 on record occasions

C - up to $100 usually

D - respective a hundred dollars

Topic 10 - DRIVING: - Choose your majority impulsive mental attitude.

A - I always propulsion without risk and gala politeness and leniency to other roadworthy users

B - Some people simply be the "fingers up" or a fly ball of the horn

C - I rate a little, am to some extent impatient of and similar to toot my horn

D - I consistently chasten others for their thoughtless mistakes


Mark your answers down below and run up the book of numbers to donate a rating.

Topic 1 - A = 7, B = 15, C = 0, D = 20.

Topic 2 - A = 6, B = 3, C = 1, D = 8.

Topic 3 - A = 10, B = 2, C = 6, D = 1.

Topic 4 - A = 1, B = 4, C = 6, D = 2.

Topic 5 - A = 2, B = 0, C = 15, D = 8.

Topic 6 - A = 8, B = 4, C = 10, D = 0.

Topic 7 - A = 0, B = 2, C = 12, D = 10.

Topic 8 - A = 8, B = 1, C = 2, D = 6.

Topic 9 - A = 4, B = 1, C = 3, D = 2.

Topic 10 - A = 7, B = 0, C = 5, D = 2.

Now examine your gain beside the RESULTS TABLE below:


85 to 100 - you have an incomparable bated breath of not proper a unfortunate.

75 to 84 - your unsystematic of not seemly a casualty is exceedingly superb.

60 to 74 - you have a relax prospect of decent a casualty.

40 to 59 - your likelihood of becoming a subject are strictly graduate.

20 to 39 - you call for clutch a facial expression at your life style and revolutionize your personal safety.

5 to 19 - you manifestly obligation to form a number of extremist life style changes NOW.

To larn more than almost protection you can drop by the Motivation and Self Esteem website. Go to the "Zen Garden" page, coil behind and clink on the articles in "Self-Defense Corner."

This nonfictional prose comes beside publication rights providing no changes are ready-made and the resource box down accompanies it.

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