The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is alive inside so they can do economically in an housing as symptomless as a put up. They are notably intelligent, momentaneous dogs that receive excellent ticker dogs. They are bovine herders so they may lean to try to troop children, adults and opposite dogs. They can be rough with new dogs, peculiarly mannish on mannish. They approaching brood but do not same to be excited. As a reminder, ne'er go a child unsupervised next to a whelp or dog.

Approximate Adult Size

The vague mature extent (two age old or elderly) of the phallic Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 10 to 12 inches to the sensibility (highest thorn of the body part) and 25 to 30 pounds. The egg-producing ranges from 10 to 12 inches to the sensibility and 24 to 28 pounds.

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Special Health Considerations

Most dog breeds have indubitable family upbeat technical hitches associated near that circumstantial bloodline and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is no omission. Be on the face out for aft problems, epilepsy, hereditary eye disease and podginess. This illness account is an useful line simply. Other diseases may too be momentous threats, delight contact your dr. for a full inventory.

She should pop in the medico various times in the most primitive twelvemonth for shots, relay links and keep an eye on up. Then, as an adult, she should coming together the doc twelve-monthly for shots and order of payment up. As she gets older, six years and on, she should call round the dr. twice a period of time for cheque ups and shots. Remember; outwit intake your dog sweets.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a surrounding substance length, overgarment beside a upwind immune inmost coat. She should be touched more often than not. Brushing will back her allege a spick and ruddy coat, comfort you livelihood a soul eye on her condition and encourage your stimulating in bondage with her.

Her set should be brushed at lowest doubly a time period near toothpaste and toiletry designed for dogs. Brushing removes the pile of maculation and tartar which can bring cavities (rarely) and dentistry unwellness. Dog periodontic disease can pb to pain, loss of teeth, bad bodily process and else grave illness.

Her toenails may have need of to be examined for sarcoma and clipped on a regular basis. The toenails of the backside feet spring slower than the toenails of the forward feet. Generally a closure by compartment like pruner is the finest for this chore and capable information to accomplish this can be recovered on the net.

Life Span

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi can inhabit between 13 and 14 years next to correct nutrition, medical assistance and super aware stipulations.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi comes from Wales wherever they were utilized to flock cows. They were most primitive registered by the American Kennel Association in 1934.

Some Registries

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America Inc.
  • UKC United Kennel Club
  • NKC National Kennel Club
  • CKC Continental Kennel Club
  • APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
  • AKC American Kennel Club
  • FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
  • KCGB Kennel Club of Great Britain
  • ANKC Australian National Kennel Club
  • ACR American Canine Registry

Litter Size

5 to 8 Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies


Herding Group

Terms To Describe

Sturdy, short, active, stamina, kind, bold, intelligent, devoted


  • Good keep under surveillance dog.
  • Good at passivity.
  • Very stout dog.


  • Some defender dog characteristics.
  • Can bark raucously.
  • Do not look-alike to be unobserved.
  • May try to group group.

Other Names Known By

Ci Llaathaid (yard longstanding dog)

Every dog is an singular so not everything in this gen may be accurate for your dog. This reports is intended as a moral dependence guideline just.

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