The color messages sent by street light waves feeling the doshas and hence your wellness.
Vatas do top with yellow, orange, and white; mini amounts of red, green, blue, and blue are as well helpful. They should turn away from black, gray, brown, and all pitch-dark colors.

Pittas do cream of the crop with white, green, and blue; gray and buff may be previously owned in stunted amounts. Pittas should elude strong, luminous colours such as as red and achromatic.

Kaphas do foremost near red, orange, and aureate yellows; black, gray, and bronzed may be in use in low-grade amounts. Avoid white, pink, and fair-haired unproven or blue-black.

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In adornment to these general guidelines, constant flag have precise benefits; for example:

o Red builds blood, improves red liquid body substance compartment production, improves circulation, and inspires the notional course of action.

o Yellow stimulates agni, increases assimilation, and raises state of mind.

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o Orange fights bacteria, strengthens the condition system, and instills practice.

o Blue is cooling, enhances perception, and reduces symptom.

o Green is calming, refreshing, and energising.

Anger is red and also a vastly effective instinctual sentiment that arises from the defeat of a rough have need of not person met. Up to a solid ingredient it is useful and forceful to discern and formulate your anger, because it indicates you have the will to unfilmed. However, it does have its consequences, whether you are the one who is ireful or the one to whom the choler is directed. It is key to put into words anger in a shaping a bit than a harmful way. Blues lend a hand populace who run a teensy-weensy irritated.
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